Soft Putty Addition Silicone 400ml Base & Catalyst

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It is a new generation silicone, which, thanks to its specific characteristics, guarantees maximum precision in the detection of details (5 µm) even in a humid environment. The various hardness and viscosities allow optimum results to be obtained, adapting to every requirement and impression technique.

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Features of Vidu Soft Silicone Addition Putty:

  • The long processing time allows for better handling of the product.
  • Guaranteed short period in the mouth during the impression-taking procedure.
  • Maximum comfort for the patient.
  • It adapts perfectly to the anatomical shape of dental structures and soft tissues.
  • Recovery of almost 100% after deformation.
  • It allows the reproduction of full and perfect margins even in very thin thicknesses.
  • The impression can be galvanised.
  • Working time 2:30 min.
  • Minimum time in the mouth: 2:15 min.
  • VIDU Soft Silicone Addition Putty is available in 2 setting times, Normal set and Fast set.
  • Content: 2 bottles of 300 ml (base and catalyst) Normal Set.


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